Living Light Adventures, our destinations

Journeys to Maryland, South of France

We organise regularly journeys to the South of France, the area where the Mary Magdalene and Yeshua is still very present. There are many places around Rennes-le-Chateau were the veils are really thin and where we can embrace the magic and enchantment of the frequency of Mary alongside other ascended masters. Their energies are transparent even through the natural state and consciousness within the nature of the countryside. All become part of the composition to expand and raise our conscious awareness.


Ships and Inner Earth from our Sanctuary Telosia, USA

Our Sanctuary Telosia has its stunning view on Mount Shasta and the ships that often surround the mountain. Telosia has been transformed into an ’Enchanted kingdom’ in which the energy of our 26 acre property reflects a beautiful harmony and balance where the elementals and all the fairy beings feel at home. It has the Mount Shasta river running through our property and several astounding creeks. It reflects the energy of Telos, inner earth. Our passion is to encourage groups and families to relax and merge with these energies and open up to more of themselves, specially their own children who are the representatives of the new earth. It is often through the children that guide their parents to our Sanctuary.

Fairies and the little people, Ireland

Ireland is one of these magical places where you can meet with subtle beings from elemental to mermaids, lepricorns, elfs, tree beings, starbeings and more.

You encountering more of you

Living Light Adventures offers you a spiritual journey in which you can experience and integrate more of who you are. When all our senses are enhanced, we can receive more intuitive guidance and impulses from the nurturing spaces we visit. A Living Light Adventure opens up your next step on the new path for humanity.

We offer journeys to magical places where you can meet with your multidimensional selves. You ‘ll meet with subtle beings from Telos, Agartha, from elemental to mermaids, lepricorns, elfs, tree beings, Galactic beings and more

Everything in your inner world and physical body can feel more in balance by being in these areas. As though other dimensions reveal a texture of feeling that give you more freedom within the “space”.

Explore in depth your multidimensionality

We always expand

It feels so important to choose new ways to explore who we are. By being in magical places in nature and allowing ourselves to connect to your outer and inner worlds, we open up to new levels of sensory awareness and connectivity to All that is.

Some questions for you

  • Are you awakening in a graceful way to living as a multi dimensional sensory being on Fifth dimension New Earth?
  • Do you feel your Life reflects you as a Living Light family member?
  • Are you receiving the most inner healing potentials from your own deepest connection to Universal Source?
  • Are you allowing enough space for your inner worlds to connect with the beauty of nature?
  • Maybe your children are  – Are you?

Group journeys

We share with each our individual and group stories. Together we bring forward new ways to bridge areas within ourselves in a multi sensory healing experience. Sharing our experiences feels as a necessary step to integrate these energies through our body and into this reality on Earth. This way our telepathic abilities can feel more nurtured, grow and expand.

Activations and healing through sound, light and colour

Sound healing enriches the mind body and soul with multiple layers of loving peace as if an angelic presence has entered our world sharing us with their loving embrace in showers of tingly sensations or just feeling at peace with our inner and outer worlds. Maybe the sounds of the bells and chimes can awaken your inner child to feel the loving connection it knows where All is One and in concordance with One and All.

What our participants say

It has been a journey – though I can feel even more here than I ever have before in this body. That I am home in this body and also that I have enough space now in this body to invite the other selves to connect with me much more and feel at home. I feel really proud of myself that I am able to listen to the things that my body is sharing with me about myself and how far I have come in this way of communication with myself.


founder of a democratic school

This time me as a child in another timeline connected again with me and went through me and she dissolved as light through me – What was most interesting was the speed at which the dissolving took place It was very fast. So fast. It makes that my inner child could be present and be noticed. So she could BE Present. And you know – I was never seen! To be able to see her and see my own children. It is a Gift.


project manager

Words cannot express the feeling. But I try. At first it was getting rid of the ballast in my life. The area, the people, the encounters made it feel like coming home. But more, the intention, to be more open to other dimensions and timelines, it was a beautiful experience. Now in daily life I am making it to be the real life. I am grateful to what happened and I feel blessed. Hope to see you more often. But in my heart you are there. Always.


sound therapist

When we came down from the castle area of Montsegur – I felt such freedom and release and at also at the lake. In the car – we were often singing – and during our singing we could often see the formations of whales in the clouds. It felt as though I was the parent and child on all these journeys and I could also observe others as children who were also revisiting their inner child or childhood memories of exploring on these trips – It was so beautiful and i felt so happy with all these journeys.


film producer

Our upcoming journeys and retreats

Blogs, our range of experience

All Living Life is Sentient

All Living Life is Sentient – a living feeling state! Telosia is an inspiring place and space where new ideas and innovations are introduced into Family Living. We are a colourful energetic group of people with a variety of skills and passions who are currently...

I allow Peace in my life

The words for this Meditation came forward during 2016 whilst I was in Mount Shasta, CA staying on the Telosia Sanctuary with other members of my Soul Family. Lets be clear. Mt. Shasta is a high intensity vortex location. All energetic frequencies are constantly...

Mount Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisy -“ The Eyes in the Light of Day “ Daisy sounds the bell for us all to welcome in new beginnings to our life. She represents a fresh start with a new way of feeling and approaching the way we can do and see things. She assists us to bring disparate ideas...

Mary-bell Rose rings the Bell

And so it begins, with the Bell Chant, telling us that suffering is over. May the sound of this bell penetrate deep into the cosmos Even in the darkest spots Living beings are able to hear it clearly So that all suffering in them cease And understanding comes to their...

Peonie our interdimensional hybrid friend

Meeting with our interdimensional hybrid friend Peonie Peonie has a creational ability for holding space within light and colours radiance. She began her entrance into life as a small bud, though when she opens up creational petals around her bodies she reveals a vast...

Telepathic exchange with two year old James

A Multi Dimensional communication with Elaine von Nuding, Joanne van Wijgerden a 2 year old boy called James and his mother, Paula. Elaine: 'Having been the founder of a childrens day care centre for 12 years where numerous 24/7 encounters took place with young...

Our Galactic Hybrid child Blue Bell

A Meeting in the spheres with our hybrid galactic child BlueBell. During my connection with Blue bell we could feel how connected she is to our galactic Arc-turian selves sharing with us about her sense of being unified with a collective group of star beings . Her...