In this way we can share multiple projects and activities together within new arrangements of living together. This inevitably assists us to dissolve some of the moulds of our previous ways of living together within our previous family frameworks. Each of us as co-sharers actively supports our living environments with purpose and intention to embrace change in the way we Co-Live together as a supportive creative network within a Community.

We are able to unite with common interests to collaboratively share resources, space, co-ordinate our activities and contribute creatively with co residents and the local community. We can more easily embrace each others multi cultural backgrounds, gifts and abilities.
The creative areas of interest we currently embrace and would love to further explore together include:


Creative projects to explore include:

  • Making more Contact with our Inner Worlds and Sentient Life
  • Creating environments where artistic space is welcomed and encouraged with painting oils, watercolour, pastel, silk and textural painting/drawing
  • Exploring Sculpture activities with Clay and other materials
  • Live Arts Music and Voyage et Sonore projects with crystal and Tibetan bowls, gongs and drums
  • Crystal, Mineral and Rock appreciation
  • Creative Writing in Poetry, Singing, Recitals, Writers and book authors forum, Authors and Play-writers
  • Creative Journaling, Blogging
  • Film making, Vlogging, Graphic Design and Photography
  • Active pursuits of Cycling & Bike Touring, Kayaking, Swimming, Hiking and Yoga
  • Permaculture and self sustainable food growing
  • Eco-Sustainable renewable projects

Further creative activities could also include:
Music & the Arts appreciation and Personal workshops
Gatherings and small festivals with ALL generations
Researching Sustainable, renewable and Eco Living
Exploring CoLiving in a more healthy way as a vegetarian, vegan along with more organic natural products