Our vision for Co-living in creative communities

We are exploring new models of Co-Living in Community whilst based in the Midi Pyrenees region of SW France, in Mt Shasta in Northern California, and Almere, Netherlands.

This could be in preparation to investing in the development of community houses/living in a co-operative or within a shared ownership arrangement with a group of us as individuals or families to further explore CoLiving opportunities within a Community.

Many of us now are considering these new options of living which offer young people and families more freedom to co habit within a community and still be able to travel whilst maintaining a central living space within a community house.
We feel that Co-Living offers us new ways to create a home environment which inspires and empowers all of us as co-sharers to be more active creators of our world. Through cultivating collaboration we extend our current model of living in extended community whilst maintaining our own sense of self-responsibility. Read more