Our vision behind events


We develop new programs and methods for enhancing multi-dimensional consciousness.


By working with and in cooperation with star children / young people and families and through international contacts with other pioneers in this field. Through this networking SGF develops new ways to support children and adults, and youngsters to bring forward their multi-dimensionality. By being more connected in this work on a collective level paves a way forward for making this multi-dimensional field of consciousness within a more accessible reach for others.


We implement programs for star children / youngsters and families.


These programs and meetings are aimed at inviting forward their full capabilities and potentials. This includes tapping into new fields of consciousness, de-programming of old patterns, rearranging family constellations, reconnecting with their origin and their destination and transforming
this into more concrete action.

  • We offer workshops for youngsters and adults. These are aimed at enabling others to be more aware of their multi-dimensional consciousness, connect with stars origin, etc.
  • We offer programs for young people, so they can experience more freedom within their systems and to assist them in making their own choices and choosing their path of life experience in alignment with their heart and multidimensionality and sensory sensitivitety.
  • We offer ‘family-constellation’ programs for children with their parents and other star guardians.
  • We facilitate and offer assistance on the design, or offering them self organising programs and activities for star children which focus on the development of their gifts, talents and abilities and how to cope with sensitivity.

We develop, encourage, inspire and be in co-creation with others to set up a new learning and development program for star children.


We are currently setting up a centre in the Netherlands in Almere Oosterwold. This will be a base for learning new programs and based on mutual respect and connection with other conscious multi dimensional families. In this centre young people can live together with each other and their children and through this model, young people can explore themselves in a free environment that is in accordance with their hearts desire. This place offers a safe and natural platform for development of these star children, youth and their families. In challenging curricula, their full capabilities and intelligence is addressed and bought forward in a positive natural state.


We contribute and exchange with an international network of the above initiatives and centres.


Supporting and inspiring similar centres in other parts of the world. In the view of SGF there will certainly be thirteen centres which are full operational and active within a few years.