february, 2017

23feb - 24feb 2310:30 amfeb 24Embody who you areLiving your multidimensionality as a sentient being

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Living your multidimensionality as a sentient being

In this two days workshop you are invited to explore more of who you are.

We are sentient beings in a timeframe that’s opening up to new vibrations of love, compassion, balance and consciousness.
The energy of 2017 is pretty intense in the potential of further awakening your multidimensionality, acknowledging your other selves and embodying their energy in an expanding physical body. It is a process of rebirthing the New Earth and you are as well a container, a creator and a manifestor of the New Earth.

To embody this new vibration you have to set a true intention to go beyond old paradigms of healing old wounding and past life trauma. You make a conscious choice to awaken in this new perspective of a sisterhood- brotherhood where we live a more balanced, joyful live from the most positive aspects of who you are. This evokes deep change in your life. Nobody can escape this process of going through the eye of the needle to leave behind the old paradigm and embrace the new. Encountering your other selves is of big assistance in this as most of them contain a higher love vibration and very subtle energy assisting you to deepen your sensitivity and surrender to the Now.
Working with sound, light language and movement enhances new layers of connection and integration between our lightbodies and our physical body.

Facilitators in this workshop are Joanne van Wijgerden and Elaine von Nuding (Helena Serafina). Joanne and Elaine have been working together since 2011 in facilitating and co-creating in workshops and projects to live more in alignment with our multidimensionality and hybridization projects in the USA , the UK and the Netherlands. Part of their work is assisting high sensitive youngsters to open up to their potential and experience the freedom of living up tot the choices of their hearts. Both Joanne and Elaine live part of the year in Mount Shasta, California, USA.
Elaine has a background as an opera singer and was director of a daycare for young children. Elaine being an empath and telepath attracted a lot of children in the autistic spectrum. Joanne is the founder of the Healing Arts Liquid Light Frequencies and has been training therapists for 20 years to work with the expansive field of these light frequencies with adults and children.

The workshop will be in Landgoed Bleijendijk in Vught (You can also book to stay overnight: http://www.bleijendijk.nl/accommodaties/ )

Price for these two days is 222 euros. Timing: 11am – 6.30pm. Dates: February 23th and 24th 2017. If you want to join, send an email to joanne.

We organise a retreat in the South of France from the 7th-14th of April with the same theme. A seven day process and the assistance of the gentleness of the land, will even more assist you to deeply change from within.
For more information, see our facebook pages:
Living our dreams
Telosian Community
Healingarts International



23 (Thursday) 10:30 am - 24 (Friday) 6:30 pm


Landgoed Bleyendijk

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