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6may - 9All DayMultidimensionality and Star lineages

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More and more people feel attracted to the Liquid Light Therapy and the light frequencies because they (or their children) are already having experiences that go beyond the daily linear reality. For example they are experiencing realities in other realms through lucid dreaming or conscious travelling on the airwaves with their light body. Also by direct perception of other realities, people connect to beings or aspects of themselves from other dimensional realities. Theses aspects vary and present themselves as beings from the earth realm like elves, gnomes and goblins, elementals and dragons. Other light being experiences include angels, ascended masters and other Star planetary beings like Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian and Andromedan. Also unicorns, light dragons, Pegasus or what we call ET’s. If we talk about these beings, we have a tendency from the old energy to perceive them as our guides, or as beings which exist outside of us. We perceive these beings often as ‘more’ than us. The new reality is that these energies or beings are actually us, as they are our other selves from a perceived future state which coexists through the NOW.

Multidimensional aspects of ourself who have their parallel existence in other frequencies coexist in a reality that is based on a different set of laws and metaphysics, yet are in a universal state of creation.  As the veils between the different realms are getting thinner and thinner, some other realities are bleeding through into this reality either by dreams or daily “day dream’ or meditative experiences. The beauty of this is that our multidimensional selves are offering us abilities to change this reality by transforming our sensory perception co creating a fifth dimensional reality on earth as a human collective. We live and exist in either the fifth dimensional reality or in higher dimensions. The exchange is both ways. We are being presented with new ways of living and these reality paradigms sometimes merge with us. In this way our physical bodies receive upgrades and regenerative frequencies so that they hold more light and can then experience and explore a more tangible sensory world in higher frequency living realities.

Most of our other selves have a higher love frequency and are assisting us, humanity and our earth plane. There are also other selves who are less aligned to unconditional love and who are also drawn to receiving an upgrade through  who we are as a human being.

Multidimensionality and extraterrestrial experiences are largely still being denied in most of humanities daily life by the general media. If you have these experiences, it is important to be assisted by someone who is experienced in feeling these other dimensional sensory territories. A Healing Arts practitioner is trained to experience and work within these areas and to assist their clients to make the leap from a three dimensional to a multidimensional reality. The practitioner assists in the “Here and Now” or a unified oneness field of unconditional love to bring together all the parallel realities into an even more grounded and loving existence within the physical body here on earth.

Assisting in multidimensional fields

Assisting others in their multidimensional experiences appears in many practitioners as a result of their own inner growth and through their expanding experiences. Each practitioner represents a unique background and life path. The experience and wisdom of a practitioner is always based on schooling and inner wisdom based on being in touch with their other selves and these ‘rights of passage’ have been gained from other worldly experience.

Since 2011 there is network of practitioners who work with multidimensionality, star language and in communicating with extraterrestrial energies.

Working with sound

In the realms of multidimensionality we often work with sound and telepathy as this is more suitable and in a higher frequency than verbal communication. Sound contains many dimensional layers of information with a much higher light geometry and contains packets of holographic language in a higher frequency. Telepathy and empathy transfers information in higher speed within these multilayered packages. Children are often fully into telepathy sometimes in such a way that they refuse to speak in an cultural earth language as they perceive this as a poor low vibratory method of communication.


may 6 (Wednesday) - 9 (Saturday)



Harmony Wellness Centre, Oshkosh


KAri Uselman

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