The words for this Meditation came forward during 2016 whilst I was in Mount Shasta, CA staying on the Telosia Sanctuary with other members of my Soul Family.

Lets be clear. Mt. Shasta is a high intensity vortex location.
All energetic frequencies are constantly upgrading and rebalancing and our living experiences are constantly being amplified and intensified. This often shifts me as an individual and encourages me to navigate and update any emotional and mental imbalances, that I might be feeling. Every day presents itself as a NEW DAY – its like Groundhog Day (see the film). Its easy to feel exposed and vulnerable even when I am already consciously aware of my thoughts, actions and reflections. Anything comes up. So keeping my multi dimensional entourage and sensitive feeling states balanced requires my constant absolute attention.
The good news is …
that when I take time out for quiet meditation my empathic selves and source energy guidance finds ways to whisper to me and present a variety of solutions, probabilities and new potentials. Affirming my intentions and aligning my thoughts with my feeling states becomes a daily priority.
 As an empath my feelings are a barometer alongside my “clair sentient/audient/voyant antenna” which is often tuned into the airwaves to source telepathic and empathic information through a variety of transmissions.  This has also created inspiration for my new project recordings “Living Life As an Empath.” More to follow as these are currently being translated and uploaded.
 So, during a quiet moment, under one of the most incredible ponderosa pine trees, surrounded by sentient beings on the Telosia Sanctuary, the energy came forward to create the affirmation I ALLOW as a theme to assist my process. A further energy series, came later with I ACKNOWLEDGE and I CREATE which covered even deeper layers of feeling state which is in my next blog. Energy packets are available to all as a permission slip at any moment.
Subsequent ideas followed to record the words in my own voice,  in combination with inspirational music. More recently adding a photographic slideshow which expanded my feeling state even more. This became my daily assistance – or as an archive for whenever my nervous system became too overwhelmed or over sensitive.
 Our innate guidance appears ever ready these days to assist and offer potential solutions co-creating on our transformational journeys. So we can remain tuned in with receivers switched on for creative impulses to flow in. These inspirations can be highly amplified and revealing too…especially whilst just sitting or walking in nature. Energy loves movement.
 As a natural empath I have been using affirmations for years, though more recently not so much – until the last year. When I listen to the audios of Kryon and Abraham Hicks there are many references to keeping in balance through these affirmations. NOW more than ever before our highly sensitive empathic physical and lighter bodies need constant reassurance that ALL IS WELL in our worlds. When I base too much of my focus on external physical realities at the moment my observational selves can still pick up residue as there is plenty of information/reporting out there to feed anyones pain body. So given the option I prefer to choose where I place my focus, attention and boundaries. Words and pictures are energy – so it feels more in balance to choose more wisely what is ingested through images and words as ALL is vibration.
 Affirming my own loving guidances to my physical, mental and emotional bodies feels the same as eating and drinking. All replenish, nourish and service my nervous systems and upgraded multi dimensional operating systems.
So heads up everyone as 2017 is Year of New Beginnings – no more sitting on the fence as many are sharing. I am choosing to:
Be the light
Be the action
Be proactive in living my dreams
Be inspired excited and follow my impulses
Be loving and nurturing to my sensitive selves – and NOT LISTEN to lower frequency info
Be more trusting of living the LIFE I choose and not settling for anything else
Stay focussed in my own love vibration and connect more with others who are embracing the NEW PARADIGM PORTALS in all its vibrant radiance, resonance and vibration.
 As an energy translator there is feeling that a split is occurring in the consciousness of humanity on the planet.
Some have chosen now to BE the lighthouse and live LIFE in the new Paradigm co-creating with Peace, harmony and balance.
Some have chosen to stay in a more heavier third density where the vibratory experience is within a reality which appears more disconnected from their loving hearts and innate guidance.
At the beginning of this month, during the Winter weather, we could easily be feeling stuck and feeling everything is SOOOO slow. Personally I prefer to feel that our systems are recalibrating, reflecting, assimilating and preparing new adventures for our next steps. Learning from our previous steps in the ways in which this new energy of manifestation is operating.
Creating new templates comes through imagining my new blue print, preparing the text, outline and the architects templates (for the highest benevolence for all), dreaming, drawing, writing, vlogging, blogging, recording, connecting, networking, sharing and reprogramming.  All these creative outlets keeps me feeling that I am re assimilating my inner worlds with my outer worlds and preparing to move forward on the next steps of our journey. However it looks on the outside. Sometimes the physical world may need to catch up with my feeling visionary state – i just trust that every movement is in divine order and perfection and in my highest interest to support my well being in perfect synchronous timing.
Consolidating and reflecting on where I have come to at this point after the 2012-2016 window of shift and change. (which was was pretty life changing and intense) I can now encompass all of my previous life experiences and incorporate those gifts and attributes into the present, NOW, to create NEW journeys and NEW Adventures. These can then represent even more of who I choose to BE and serves the planetary whole through my LIVING these truths and passions through my current NOW reality. After all I choose the permission slip for my reality through my words, action and feelings.  All are a resonance field which exists just before manifestation.
My invitation to everyone is to remember WE ARE ALL CONNECTED to everything and everyone universally. Knowing that experience translates itself into energy and merges into both the EARTH and CRYSTALINE GRID. I feel we are inspiring each other telepathically empathically and magnetically. So the more positive I feel, the greater the potential for anyone else to feel. In free choice. The more I can also access these new ideas, innovations and inspirations and implement them – all becomes available for ALL from the consciousness of the collective GRID. Personally I trust absolutely that my choices and experiences create a balancing impact on humanity as a WHOLE. As an inter-dimensional walker, and seer, I trust the knowing that everything experienced is recorded and carries an energetic reality  in a multitude of layers within the other dimensional fields.
Now i feel so happy and grateful when I see or hear a story, read a blog, watch a video or film, where I feel the vibration of inspiration, compassion and kindness. Especially from a brother/sister , soul family member lightworker.  I celebrate anyone living their passion and following their hearts. The vibration of this Living Library coexists with and alongside us 24/7.
My intention is to both contribute, to share and receive unconditional love through my heartspace in my unique way of self expression as a living human empath. It is truly so powerful. I can only invite others to collaborate through their hearts in peace and balance.
My leading light is to keep exchanges with each other in concordance with “COMPASSION” –  “FREE WILL” and “FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL”  in peace, harmony and benevolence.”
Whatever others are choosing in their lives I really appreciate all sentient beings for choosing to step out of the groove, carve a new path and ground their heartfelt visions into this new physicality and into the collective consciousness.  Repeating and looping old ways of living are complete.  Our unified expressions of living in new ways in peace and harmony together becomes freely available for everything and everyone on the planet through the vibration of the Grids.  We are the new source energy.
We are creating a brand NEW ENERGY. New inventions, new discoveries, new solutions, new energy sources all manifest from our states of consciousness.
So my entourage and other selves all become so excited when I more fully allow Peace in my Life.
Thank You  – and Lets Go Celebrate….

I ALLOW PEACE in my LIFE – Meditation (transcript)
I ALLOW peace in my life
I ALLOW myself to feel peace in my Life
I ALLOW my nervous system to feel and be calm
I ALLOW myself to feel here
I ALLOW myself to be here
I ALLOW myself to be still
I ALLOW myself to feel stillness
I ALLOW myself to be safe
I ALLOW myself to feel safe
I ALLOW myself to be peaceful
I ALLOW myself to feel peaceful
I INVITE myself to be in this moment
I ALLOW myself to be in this moment
I INVITE myself to this moment

I ALLOW loving thoughts and exchange between my multi d selves where we can all exchange with compassion and generosity
I ALLOW my life to open and unfold in a loving graceful nurturing way
I ALLOW creative ideas and solutions to present themselves in a loving graceful way
I ALLOW more of my I AM presence to fill the loving senses of my being in a body in a physical body and in my light bodies and
I ALLOW these greater senses of containment from within
I ALLOW any new healing feelings and senses to present themselves to assist in the balancing of those parts of my body, my physical body and my etheric bodies who require further support and release from old programming which previously caused emotional disturbance

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