For me, Meditation assists to neutralise, clear old vibrations and deprograms my mind pattering. Stillness and silence slows down the mind chatter until I feel more calm and more peaceful. My sensory bodies can then respond to the calmness and other forms of communication can come forward in loving support of my expanding awareness.
Sitting in nature or places of beauty allows a feeling of blending and merging into my surroundings where I can feel a natural connection to my more sensitive states.  Listening and hearing other natural sounds, which may have been missed before. Previously I may not have focussed on these other sounds and layers of feeling before. As at other times its been easier to be more physically and mentally active  focussed on different things elsewhere.
Once in this altered state I can begin travelling into other dimensions of reality which alters my feelings state and vibrational field. This shift in my focus and attention allows other beings or vibratory energies to come forward in my heightened sensitivity. Everything internally and externally always feels constantly in motion. The frequency of my feeling state can then be matched by other vibrations which are always present and emmenating from inside and outside of my awareness. Everything feels connected. When I hear or feel moments of lack or doubt in my ability to connect – I just let them float by – like ships just passing through. With more focus and attention I can then go deeper into peace and calmness allowing more change in my own vibratory rate. Deeper breathing, more relaxation, assists me to feel more connected to my physical, emotional, and lighter bodies so I can move and explore around within that space inside of me. Altering my state of awareness consciously allows other frequency visitors and sentient beings to pop in and share an energy conversation with me. We can telepath through energy transmissions and connect to the vibration of other sentient beings who use this communication band width. Some may appear to exchange or speak with me and others may transmit pictures,movies,sounds or other sensory feeling states.
My awareness of other realm states of feeling expands as these other realities are going on around and inside me in a multi dimensional quantum vortex.  I can notice them and remain within these spheres of multiple frequencies at the same moment. Other beings can notice me and I can exchange with them. Sometimes they don’t see me as they too are focussed elsewhere. Sometimes I can sense that they too feel an energy being is around though they may not be paying so much attention to me – they can just feel a ripple or sense of my presence too. These first encounters can be very subtle. Sometimes they engage, respond and exchange and a multi sensory conversation takes place.
This is my world living as an empath. Collaborating and exploring other dimensions of quantum space reality. Co-creating multi sensory holograms like movies, which become bridges where we can meet and greet each other as multi dimensional family across the dimensions.
My voice then becomes a conduit of this living multi dimensional light and sound energy which can be transferred through daily communication. Speaking, sharing and acknowledging these other worlds gives my own conscious body consistent reassurance that all is well. This is the new normal and my bodies can co relate to one another and meet the rest of my other realm family, who love and support me from across the veil. My life as an empath can be kept in balance and I can give myself permission to create more conscious choices of the realities and loving vibrations I choose to connect with. This opens more doors and gateways for these realities to manifest from the inside out. So my preferred choice of reality becomes my new physical existence. As a human being other realities may coexist though I can choose where I share my focus and attention to them.
Creating new realities becomes an inner and outer physical experience as more of us connect to these new paradigms and bring them here to this physical reality. New consciousness children are doing this innately all the time. Affirming these worlds through our voices assists our bodies to support this process. We trust our own voices more than anyone elses. For me, I include photographic evidence of natural beauty through my imagination or a physical video and combine this with natural gentle sounds. This then further allows my body to feel in a more natural resonance alliance with my surroundings. These affirmed feeling states then guide me to this preferred existence.  Any thing which is unsupportive of this can be highlighted, healed and dissolved. This creates a new platform for Living a Life which is more inclusive of my true colours, my true nature and my sensitive innate self knowing. Maybe this can assist you too – as an inspiration for your own creations here are my meditation affirmations and images on video (see above).
In love and light
Helena Serafina
Living Life as an Empath  – Meditation Affirmations with Helena Serafina
I AM calm
I AM serene
I AM in balance with my inner and outer worlds
I AM peaceful and in flow with life
I AM in flow with my breath my breathing my life force
I AM in acceptance of the fluidity of LIFE
I AM in deep gratitude for being in existence here on earth at this time of great change
I AM in ease and grace with LIFE
I AM inviting the most benevolent outcome to all situations in my life
and that of others in their lives
I AM following my own path
I AM exploring my own relationship with my worlds
I AM allowing others to research their own paths and their own solutions
I AM grateful to all aspects of life which support new feeling states
I AM grateful
I CREATE Space for myself
I CREATE moments for quiet deep reflection with my other selves
my other selves are always with me – you see
We are never alone
I CREATE moments for loving nurturing exchange with my other selves
I CREATE space
I CREATE space for moments of deep integration with my other sensitive selves
I CREATE space for deep breathing to calm my sensitive nature with my multi d selves
I CREATE moments of peace and quiet and in these moments
I ALLOW feelings of being able to adapt to new experiences and new surroundings
I CREATE moments of calmness and serenity in my thoughts where i can feel in balance with my outer and inner worlds and realities
I CREATE new openings in my sensory awareness to other forms of feeling
I can feel their existence and the ways we are able to communicate and co operate with each other in our multi dimensional realities

I ACKNOWLEDGE that I am a multi sensory empathic being making contact with other living beings who share their multi sensory expression in a loving nurturing way
I ACKNOWLEDGE myself to feel comfortable and supported with these new exchanges taking place between my and our multi sensory worlds
I ACKNOWLEDGE trust and guidance from knowing nurturing selves who are able to assist me with these new openings of sensory awareness in my bodies
I ACKNOWLEDGE the wisdom of the divine which intuitively guides me through these next steps of feeling where

I AM and WE ARE even more connected with my multiple worlds and feel fully supported
I ACKNOWLEDGE the wisdom of the Divine
 I ACKNOWLEDGE any emotional, mental pain or disturbance in my senses and allow them to come forward for healing, for nurturing and rebalancing with new heightened sensory feelings
 I ACKNOWLEDGE the presence of my all knowing wise GodSelf
Helena Serafina
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