Shasta Daisy -“ The Eyes in the Light of Day “

Daisy sounds the bell for us all to welcome in new beginnings to our life. She represents a fresh start with a new way of feeling and approaching the way we can do and see things. She assists us to bring disparate ideas or concepts through the mind into a fuller sense of wholeness and understanding. Its as if she helps us to connect the dots,  recognise the synchronies in our life an the way we can piece information together to give us a wider perspective. From this place we can make new choice with the way we make new steps forward.

She represents the child like qualities of purity and innocence. These are the purest states of sensory awareness and of innate knowingness in loving connection to all things in the universe which we came in with as a child. Again we still hold a deep knowing of this within our inner child selves.
She has a bright sunny almost mandala type reference as she connects to all things through the Central Sun, which is then reflected through her pure white radiant rays which emanate light from her centre. The suns ray have new messages and light encoding to share with us and Daisy can assist us to translate this through remembering the pure loving playful energy which we brought in as a child.

One of her selves as a Shasta Daisy was originally developed as a hybrid flower close to the mountain view of Mt Shasta. The frequency of this location, nr the mountain allows even more reflection of our selves through the purity of fresh white snow which nestles on the top of the mountain peak. Also In this frequency place she keeps a close connection to middle earth and with the clouds in the sky where she feels a deep sense of family connection to all things above and below.

Her “sisterhood” family of daisies also live within vast fields and meadows of consciousness nearby. All assist in sharing her purity and gentleness across the crystalline grids of Mother Earth. Here she can attract those children and our adult selves with a pure heart to link up the daisy chains of Living Life and reality in multi spheres.

In a recent Kryon transmission he talks of how our DNA has the potential to operate at 44%, representing these new human attributes of innate wisdom, if we choose to respond to these new grids and layers of consciousness which is now available to us. This represents the energy of the future where the potentials are that we are more able to cooperate and concrete together in loving harmony as a group of new human beings. All of the individuals collaborate with divine wisdom and work together in “Coalescence Consciousness” This means everyone links together in a flow of natural synchrony where everyone supports the whole. Daisy gives us a natural expression of these state of living together in a mass state of consciousness with others in the fields.

Daisies sensory awareness offering fields of plenty telepathically across the dimensions with seamless boundaries. She loves to co-create with the Goddess frequencies and encourages us to create the crowns and necklaces of natural beauty. We can share this co-creational activity on and around our physical bodies to reflect our childlike innocence and playfulness.

The Shasta Daisy as a hybrid is a marvellous communicator as she connects to her collective family and radiates her messages in all dimensions across the spheres. She is regularly acts as a docking station to many visitors including other species of insects.

See this elegant preying mantis visitor. 

She has a close connection to the birth of “WHOLE-Y” holy children – which is reflected through the master energies of Jeshua and Mary Magdalen. They act as guides and reference points on our journey to becoming more of the child within. When we can feel in touch with these energy states of remembrance of purity and innocence we can feel more whole in a creator goddess selves and our I AM PRESENCE.

Again Daisy is here to ring the bells to call us back into our awareness of being a reflection of “Living Light through Life” in the rays of the Central Sun.
In these new paradigms we can trust that we are in more supportive group energy fields cooperating together in “Coalescence Consciousness” . We grow together to unite in the whole.

Welcome and Thank you Daisy-Bell for your I AM presence, purity and childish innocence.
This highlights to us that we have more freedom to be even more in love with the beauty and magnificence of who we truly are in our core centre of Living Light.



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