Are you noticing the current Changes within your reality?
 Some of these observations came through after a recent vision where post mail had been delivered by a messenger and my electronic phone had been dismantled. The older paradigm home environment where this took place suggested that a younger version of me was now obsolete or had reached a point of completion and a new version of me is now online. One of the features (of this previous version of me, amongst others) was very sensitive to being parented or had experienced over parenting others and this too was complete and obsolete.
The visionary experience was set in my parents house just before I left around the age of 16/17 yrs. As my consciousness and conscious awareness of this change had shifted another conscious portal opened up. This showed up in the garden area of the home where a NEW portal opened up through the fence. A bit like the wall in the film “Stardust”. This new gateway allowed entry into other realities and created – a nebulous stargate which opened up opportunities for me to visit other realms of dimensional reality. So this part of me which felt more equipped to parent and navigate my own feelings and journeys stepped through the portal into a new reality …..
Since the vision I can feel and sense even more clarity about some of the changes going on in my inner and outer worlds and here are just a few of my senses:
We are receiving a new spectrum of colour as other dimensional worlds become more transient and collaborative with us.
We are developing more self assurance and reliance on our selves to give us our own messages and information of truth.
We are accessing more of our other dimensional selves. Highlighting that some are in a 3D living spectrum and others living in a 4D – and we are blending those so that our 4D aspects can assist us in living that view and perspective of Life in our current living body. Other selves are also living in a multitude of dimensions in 5D and beyond. Everyone can experience being an ambassador in sharing their own journeys with this. Only you can give your self permission for any self healing. This can then bring forward feelings and experiences of further expanded contact with your multi-dimensional selves and other sentient beings.
Our portals of access to these other dimensional selves include: moving out of highly charged emotional fields to create new filters and boundaries where we coexist with our more loving, compassionate higher dimensional aspects of who we are. As a consequence we merge less with those parts of ourselves which feel in lack, angry, negative, unworthy, judgemental or carry residue feelings of being unable to forgive ourselves and others for past experiences.
Each of us as an individual is making a choice on our journey as to which experience we prefer to have at any moment. We are all in “free will” to choose the timing for this ourselves. The next steps to our expansion and conscious awareness is always inviting us to transform and heal our selves first. It is no longer a selfish act. It is an essential part of the process. Accepting and allowing our own feelings and connections to our divine source aspects of our universal god self is LOVE. It is ALL THAT IS. Voilà.
WE are exploring and evolving as our bodies are transmuting. Our DNA is responding and changing to a new universal attune ment  and we are moving ourselves into a new reality. The consciousness of our next generation, in combination with healing our own inner child, also acts as a catalyst and transformer for these new vibratory energies for change.
The sun is transmitting a new colour spectrum where we are receiving more whiter golden light – with higher frequency turquoise and magenta, which is assisting our transformation – and is even visible in photographs now too.
Our bodies density is altering through these new sun rays which is causing a global transmutation and transition – so everyone is affected at some level – some more consciously than others. We are overwriting any negative or toxic old paradigm controlling mechanisms installed to keep us in a lower frequency. It becomes glaringly obvious when things are out of balance with our preference for new states of living in Peace and Harmony.
Emotional fields from a collection or mass of people creates a high charge or spike in the magnetic fields which activates and causes change in everyones feeling states and precipitates a feeling for a change of perspective. Inviting compassion and mass solidarity for allegiance in change.
As these emotions come up for us as individuals or groups it allows for us to cathartically acknowledge these feelings and bring forward solutions to heal these emotions. Our thoughts trigger these feelings so that our hearts and minds get on the same page so to speak. We become our own resonance alliance where our feelings line up with our emotions creating a new frequency of allegiance within our inner and outer worlds.
This adjusts the way we perceive our worlds and alters our belief systems so we are operating in a new unison of collaboration with who we are now. We are effectively rewriting who we are. We become new people. We attract more resonant people and soul family who think and feel as we do.  We attract situations and locations which vibrate with our new frequency. The more we purify our emotions and thoughts, the more balanced we become. As one part of us shifts, the rest of us also shifts in unison together.
As the fields of unity become more transparent we are affecting each others thoughts and emotions in a more potent way. Our ideas and inspirations become more unified. All is available for everyone to see, feel and become…. when we feel ready to make our own adjustments to our reality. When more of us are operating within these conscious fields (feeling states) this speeds up the potential for change – the gears are literally ramped up into higher gears so everyones vehicle can travel, transmute, move, shift, and even jump to a different version of themselves when they choose. We can also become more cooperative with each others choices. By assisting our selves we assist each other. It is a chain reaction – everything is entangled within a quantum soup or leap of faith into a new paradigm.
Our focussed consistency of staying in kindness compassion and loving support for our selves can project to a wider field. This enables others to feel those aspects within themselves creating the feelings – “we are all in this together” – so lets support each other. WE know some things are out of balance – so lets create opportunities and potentials where we can assist each other in new ways because we know these older systems are breaking up shifting and changing . We engineer feelings of “lets support each other through these times of change” – We are all paying it forward by offering our collective feeling and physical actions to connect to others – “i know a person who can assist you with that” even if you can’t , so to speak. New ideas, inspirations, contacts, support, networking, facilitation all creates new pathways to finding new solutions to situations which have now become intolerable to us.
We are creating new ways to break down old borders and reflect our choices for new gateways, entrance doorways whilst educating and learning from each other regardless of age or cultural background. We are simultaneously assisting each other to be more self sustainable in a more balanced way. This includes our actions towards each other and our living environment. We are the role models for bringing forward these new ways of living together in co-habitation, co-operation, co-existence, collaboration and co-creation. Community thrives when we feel loved valued and supported. We can live and coexist in peace and harmony together and in mutual respect of each others feelings and belief systems.
Our focus inwards towards our own self healed feeling states opens up a multitude of doorways and gateways to new levels of living reality where we can embody higher states of resonance which match our own frequency of feeling in love with our selves. We can provide our selves with new potentials and possibilities to coexist with multiple frequencies of our own multi dimensional selves. Currently we are surrounded by supportive nurturing dimensional beings who are lovingly whispering and encouraging us to reach inwardly to feel their presence. We give permission for this through our own vibratory energy fields. Its easier for them to appear and come around so to speak when we are in resonance to those parts of who WE ARE. The more love we can feel for all of our entourage – which is already coexisting in us as younger and wiser forms in quantum multi dimensions – the more our connection can be felt through each choice of thought, action and deed that we make.
Our angelic presence selves can breathe through us and with us. The energies of Mary Magdalene can spread her loving magical connection through every tributary of our cells. Its like plugging our selves into an electrical light socket to receive a higher voltage of source stream. She literally can smile through us and weave her energy source through ours. Waves and waves of energetic pulsing can flow through our bodies, fingers and lighter bodies moving and shifting us into different realms of coexistence. As she and we are omnipresent. We are in accordance with universal energy sources of love, peace and gratitude. All is concordant with one another. Our living light bodies feel brighter and even shinier from the inside out. Breathing assists us to allow these other waves of love and light to flow through our physical and lighter bodies as if we were standing under a flowing shower of diamond lights. WE are walking through heaven on earth encased in a physical body. Beauty, confluence, entanglement, loving compassion, abundance, are all signature vibrations of source energy which become a natural FEELING STATE of our living Life.
We are living members of the light family of Excalibur** where the “sword of truth” ** representing dignity compassion courage honesty and integrity with loving respect for all living things. These feelings and beliefs are ingrained in every cell of our being in a body both physical and non physical – we are one and the same. Even these frequencies are being opened up and updated to reveal even more open ness, transparency and intimate honesty with our selves. All veils are dropping away. A convergence of new energy is being unveiled for us to receive, navigate, reflect and respond to. No wonder we can feel confused sometimes. We are choosing, in every now moment, our new template of vibration as an online consciously aware multi dimensional being.
Every moment offers a reflection of resonance alliance and connection with our lighter Source Energy. We are the glue which binds us together as soul family brother and sister from all timelines and realities weaved into One. As a soon as we heal and balance ourselves we can feel out  – from within – the ways to live together in community in this new physical reality.
For now – I allow Peace in my Life.
**Excalibur is a symbol for accepting and taking full responsibility for our own Power.
** The sword is a symbol of alchemical purification. Training ourselves in discerning our own truth with our hearts and minds co-operating as ONE.
Helena Serafina
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