Community living in more than one place

Welcome to our Telosian Community currently based in Mt Shasta, Ariege in SW France and Almere, in the Netherlands. Join us on our journey within The Telosian Community which enables us as Soul Family members to receive even more insights into collective living with our own multi dimensional selves.

We can “Make Contact” and collaborate with other civilisations. In Unison we can develop further connections with our hybrid children and sentient beings from other dimensions.

Many of us now are preparing our selves for making a deeper connection with the Inner Earth civilisations. By embracing our sensitivity and empathic selves – we are developing a more telepathic union and empathic communication with our Soul family members who co exist in Inner Earth and other Star Nations. We are now even more able to hold a resonant 5th dimensional frequency. WE can sustain these living quantum bubbles in sacred locations on Earth through the formation of Group Community. This further allows for more opportunities of Making Contact with our other dimensional Soul Family through our sensory feelings of knowing, remote viewing, dreams, visions and higher consciousness sensory holograms.

As a part of our human evolution our families have been collaborating with families, Young adults and children for years to assist both them and ourselves to further connect to our multi-dimensionality and star-selves so together we can bring forward more direct Source guidance into our daily living lives. We have experienced over and over again that we can all benefit immensely from Co-living within a sensitive family community which assists to bring forward more of who WE are. Together we can develop new ways to live with others who resonate and reflect our sensory abilities. Within a community we can explore feeling more freedom in co-creating together without the old boundaries.

We started looking for the right community spaces all over the world. We feel most resonant in nature, surrounded by trees and being close to natural running water is a kind of essential ingredient. Gentle places and spaces where elementals and fairies feel at home and everyone is invited to play and be their natural self.

As soon as the hybrid children entered more and more into our states of reality, we realised that they need similar sensitive family communities to be able to materialise or incarnate. Why? Their features might differ, from the way we look now as humans, and they need a safe, gentle space to adapt to living like a human.

We received many strong visions and impulses and followed our guidance. For the moment we all feel most resonant in co-creating with 3 centres around the world where we are energetically and telepathically connected to one another, where they vibrate in a resonant love frequency. Mount Shasta has felt a spiritual home since we arrived 3 years ago, Co-Living in Ariege in SW France also gave us many potentials to collaborate with others in the region who felt in resonance with Telos community. Almere in the Netherlands has also attracted many young families who are exploring eco projects, building and living in a resonant community.
Living in Community and a resonant Group energy enables more of our multi dimensional selves to be present and allows even more connection and co existence with other Soul Family from other dimensions.
We are shown visions and holograms highlighting the potential of being even more present in our multi dimensional awareness and embracing our coexistence in more than one location. Our deep reconnection with Source, our own multi dimensional guides and the hybrid community brings new potentials forward with each step we make in Unison together on both sides of the veil.
WE invite you to join us on the Telosian Community. Together we can co-create and collaborate in sharing our journeys in bridging heaven and earth with all generations, dimensions and civilisations to bring forward PEACE ON EARTH..