A Meeting in the spheres with our hybrid galactic child BlueBell.

During my connection with Blue bell we could feel how connected she is to our galactic Arc-turian selves sharing with us about her sense of being unified with a collective group of star beings . Her nursery song featuring  ‘Young Pretty Maids all in a row row row” is my clue that she feels connected to many others in the way that the flowers merge within a bonded group of beautiful colour.

She clearly felt a child of the new loving high frequency Christos energy again ,showing me the signature song around the 3 Kings who arrived from afar to deliver gifts to the new born child in Bethlehem.

Her hybrid galactic connection to the Mothership of a Pleiadian state of consciousness the “Star of Bethlehem” and the Mother Star ship “Athena” is also quickly shown and revealed as a genetic blend. Both, Joanne and I, also feel in our  knowing our own connection to this Galactic aspect of our Arcturian and Pleiadian selves.

Whilst bringing forward her energy field into our systems we could hear all different nursery rhymes and coupling verses. This is clearly one of her signature communications so that when we hear these rhyming verses we can feel that she is around us.

She sang telepathically about the Canterbury Bells a type of meadow flower in the glorious blue violet colours.

“Ride a Cock horse from Banbury Cross
to see a white lady upon a white horse
with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
she shall have music wherever she goes”

WE the Arc-turians always speak in rhythms and rhymes as does St Germain our Christos Star family brother and father energy.

In beautiful sparkling energy fields of the colours violet and blue she presented her energy to us “we are here today with you to RING THE BLUE BELL” she has travelled a long way to be with YOU here, showering us with gifts of sensory energy and clearly offering us this “fertile ground indeed” to connect with this royal sovereign birth in co-creation with Gaia and her galactic family living amongst the stars.

She invited us to connect to the selves of “Sebastian” a sensitive young man who has been visiting us in the physical. Showing us that he too is “child of nature and the elementals” and that through this energetic connection with Blue Bell he can reveal even more of himself and to us.
She guided us through the energy of the meadow flowers of BlueBells, showing and defining that her energy texture and frequency can always thrive beneath the trees in a sphere of safety and sunlight protected by the trees. She shares that they always feel protected by the guardians, the earth keepers in the woodlands and trees.

Bluebells have roots in the earth and share space in the woodlands where the top of the trees bask in the sunlight in this torus womb. Here BlueBell can sing, skip and sway in the wind. She is part of a collective and she and they “share their beauty” in great numbers. A collective of plenty and many in a radiant violet blue colour and emitting a harmonic SOUND through the sunlight and light breeze which flows as a signature frequency within the universe. She highlights to us that she is part of the “ONE”. They are brave travellers and explorers who transport themselves in light and on light-ships far across the galaxy. She shared:

“she travelled so far to make her way
upon this earth is where she will stay
amongst the stars and through her dreams
to here behold all she has seen
she joins with us in fields of blue
to share herself with a golden light hue”

Blue bell came in with plenty of multidimensional friends and connections to her galactic and other realm selves. She has many gifts, abilities, attributes. A plentiful bag full of inter-dimensional activated DNA strands. All connected with Life. She came with an abundance of friends and alliances within her star family constellation and other realm family selves. When we connect with her our own DNA receives more activation.

We found ourselves forming a question of “How do you fit all this light frequency into a bottle or body?” and even before we can ask any more questions she reveals. The signature  of water is in a state of consciousness which contains multiple energy formations which reveals our co-existence with Gaia. When combined with the other life forces, sun light, and sound frequency,  miracles and manifestation can occur.

BlueBell indicated that telepathically she wants to have this expression and exchange through the lighter bodies and the denser physical body. We could see and feel her energy frequency bubbling in the DNA in the water so that her physical body could be constructed. This took place in collaboration together with us and many other light beings who are assisting and in co-creation with us to bring this creation of a new child into the etheric and in a sensory expression of colour light and sound. The intention is for her to join us here on Earth as a physical child.

Blue Bell as a star hybrid child showed us in her mastery that she is able to choose her own genetic makeup in FREE WILL. It felt as though she is able to invite freely other star-seed family from the galaxy and beyond to come forward – asking them, telepathically, as energy organisms from their own state of free will. Her request felt like an invitation  “choose to join and collaborate with me?”  In the energy fields this brings forward an expanded portfolio of choice of inter dimensional DNA from many systems in the galaxy. For those who can resonate on this beautiful sensitive love frequency. Blue bell then sees and feels them as identity signatures as she is also part of all of them. These resonant fields recognise each other within their multi dimensional states.

She showed us her connection to many of these frequencies through physical representations – showing us various crystal stones, she resonated with, star being sculptures which are Arc-turian and Pleiaidian (see www.etsculptors.com), and various animal group collectives which were represented in a circle around the liquid light frequency water container. She resonated with all of these as her Star family and she became drawn to feel and touch all of them indicating her love and bond with these mirrors of her love frequency, through a state of telepathic union.

She highlighted autistic children that we are connected to and indicated her understanding in a loving way the senses with which they feel, taste and touch everything they see within and beyond the human eye. These children are communicating through feeling different textures. She shared some of her own sensory levels which became even more activated and responsive when picking up a physical article. This all took place by merging her senses with Elaine and Joanne to allow her more physical expression.

She communicates and relates to other living things through touch and sound frequency. Blue Bell is in constant connection to crystals as recorders from the universe. The crystals contain light imprints and  sound fields, which emanate through them in different sensory creational fields.

This would cause such an explosion of recognition in her merged state with us that we assisted her to fine tune the sensory reaction so that her light body consistency could be in harmony with it in the different states of reality. She was more in harmony with some frequencies from articles and more overwhelmed in her system with other objects she connected with. As she remembers and recall them, she refocussed the energy field within her own child state. This needed some recalibration within her etheric sensory system.

Once we played the crystal bowls and sounded our voices, BlueBell could reformulate ways that she can merge and resonate with these different formations and articles like a gem stone. For her, she recognises their field and just needed a more subtle connection to their existence when in such a different consistency on Gaia.

At first she found this challenging to converge with the different frequencies in another environment and consistency as the explosion of recognition was overwhelming. When we co-create in sound it transforms the energy into a more subtle love frequency energy field. In this way she could amalgamate and converge more easily with the sounds. These then assist in matching more easily the various frequencies between the realms of her existence finding the bridge from a higher love frequency realm to the realm on earth with Gaia. She could finely tune her sensory selves to adapt to other frequency realms as long as she was assisted by other sounds in a love frequency which felt as a resonant frequency with her own subtlety.

She showed us that when she vibrates in these strands she effects and connects with the dolphins and the whales and they converge merging in, also feeling her presence and love field. In a quantum field they connect with her subtle fields even though they may live and co-exist thousands of miles away. All is frequency. All can communicate in energy texture and sense each others presence here on Gaia through the crystalline grids and etheric layers. They also have galactic multi dimensional fields where they communicate. Blue bell feels she is even more able to immediately affect them through creating this new bridged field with Gaia as a hybrid child. This connection is amplified in a way more than from the spheres because she can be more present here in this reality. She connects through our Mother-love energy fields as we are Hybrid Galactic Gaian humans.

Blue bell gave us an introduction into her world, connecting her hybrid self with the vibrations of Gaia through the articles she chose to resonate with. She shared telepathically and in light language her connections with the various forms in her own sensory and telepathic way. Her Canterbury Bells rhythm and form moved around the Cosmos with ease and grace. Along the way encountering the various flavours and textures with which she communicates with Gaia and its other living creatures. She gave us multiple examples and representations in sound & light geometry through visions in our third eye.

Clearly a meadow flower is far more than we may have imagined and she is coming forward as a hybrid child to reveal even more connectivity to our sensory telepathic and holographic creational abilities in union with more of our Galactic Family.

Watching the animated film “The Incredibles” and the “X-Men” Film Series feels a way to further connect with her abilities and to co create with the Universe. She has much to share with us creating new pathways and ways of living in a harmonic state as a Hybrid Human Gaian for the next generations experience of living in a higher frequency Earth. She may appear fragile as meadow flower. She would invite us to take another look at the way we can feel expanded strength with our creator abilities in this unified field of ONE with plants, animals, rocks, crystals, mythical creatures and be-ing in a multi dimensional universe.

Welcome Bluebell in your radiant beauty.
The journey with you will rock and sway our universe…

Helena Serafina (hybrid children telepath and multi dimensional translator)

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