Meeting with our interdimensional hybrid friend Peonie

Peonie has a creational ability for holding space within light and colours radiance. She began her entrance into life as a small bud, though when she opens up creational petals around her bodies she reveals a vast and huge connectivity with inter-dimensional fields. Within these fields there are leaves with a gentle fragile fragrance which can then continue into invisible realms.

Looking from the inside there is a coloured radiance of pink and purple. When we enter into her even deeper layers the colours become even more subtle infused with white lights of pink purple and ivory white with the golden yellow heart space from the inside showing in a living vibrancy. Her whole bodies are a moving, living breathing frequency of sound and light as each petal and leaf is never static.

As we walk up to Peonie a stunning iridescent blue damsel flew in front of us – reminding us of the film “EPIC” where the garden and forest is a Flower Kingdom. Within this Kingdom are the Queen of the Buds, Elf and Flower people.


As Peonie enters further into my system the feeling of movement is inside our head. If feels as though everything is being pushed forward and out from within. The right side of my head internally is being pushed out of my skull. For a moment this can make you feel a little motion sick – as though space is not what we have thought of as space.

Everything is constantly moving and pulsing. When you look into space you have a perception of space being static. Yet from the realms with Peony we can feel and reach in from another dimension. In this place and space it is constantly pulsing and is not static.
Always moving

Peonie has an abundance of range within her features and is unlike other flowers. She flows gently and smoothly with waves of colour. As you tune into these pulses and waves if may feel as though having motion sickness. Out more subtle bodies are connecting with the physical body so is not yet quite as comfortable with the vibration. We are adjusting to her subtle frequencies.
And yet it is all really soothing – a paradox – a place and space where the temperature can also keep you feeling cool.

Peonie is assisting us for being out of structure and being out of your mind – in more space. She has a colour intensity, and vibrancy which emits a calm gentleness. She has layers of beauty and reflects our ability to live by being in the moment.

In our gardens when they flower it is for a short time. In other realms she lives in a consistency of being more in the NOW. When she appears in our energy field through our senses and third eye, Peony can come out in large bursts of colour for what appears a short time – with a high radiance

Our skin can be affected in its colour pigment. This can assist us to feel more soft in a rejuvenating way. She is showing us how it can be easier to take in colour into our skin.
Each fold within her soft intern dimensional colour spectrum  has a different propensity for doing this. When we reflect on the features of  Tu-lips her petals feel more firm and courageous – beautiful yet more social.

Peonie reveals how she enjoys being near water and fluidity. Here, her colours are accented through the water being close by. She loves to assist the growth and transformation of other flowers or beings in her fields.
Peonie feels to have a very large container-ship. She can extend her torus area and can assist in extending our torus field. Again she is showing us ways we can extend beyond our current torus fields in new ways. She creates a lot of space from the inside. As this deepens her external features and radiance comes through on the outside. 

The torus field resembles energy which flows within and without the bodies. It reveals its inner dimension within.
Through this beautiful expression from within everything else can move around to accommodate these extended torus fields.

WE felt the association of the John Legend song – All of me Loves All of You..

Peonie inspires other to take their space to move and to take movement in the sound spheres with loving grace. Giving all of herself as You give yourself to her in Co Creation.
Her petals heal a colour and translucence – showing us they all contain this reflection and assistance to one another – they collaborate so everyone is creating in this balloon of radiant colour.
They collaborate well with the green of the heart space which surrounds the magenta pink texture. Whilst connecting with the energy of Peony you can feel the end and the beginning in the same moment.

As with Blue Bell she has so many outreaches within her field – this feels also with many out reaches – feeling as it comes through – it gives us a taster of space – and then settles – and returns again.
As she claims space when coming in and around it feels as though this can change our focus. Whatever we are doing it will change our focus of attention when her subtle frequency loving embrace is in our field

The colours feel as if we are in motion with the texture of presence which is extra ordinary. She is preparing us to receive more colour layer codes – beyond the range of even the Rainbow Tu-lips. Peonie has a more subtle range of colours
Peonies texture is undeniable   – gently radiating and drawing you into her inner field – whereas Tu-lip pushes us into the outer worlds to grow and explore further.
Her frequency really focusses you internally in your inner realms – bringing in other abilities – to hear more – and find more balance around our hearing – the ear canals can be strengthened with life force to give us more balance

We have action – then you rest – in our practical lives. We are in motion then we balance and relax.
Shows us the infinity (figure of 8) where we stretch boundaries.  Then we need to balance so that we can handle and cope with the extensions to which we are expanding. She is showing us to be more in the moment – in the now – in an ever expanding flow with infinity – a rocking motion of movement. She assists us in understanding that everything around us is moving even though it may appear static. Trusting that this is so. Everything is changing and in moving.

One of her dearest features is showing us ways to keep us more stable within a subtle state with the body.  Her senses have a fluidity and fragility in collaboration with the leaves gives such a subtle balance within the physicality.

It feels as though she is also assisting us through the layers of transcendence where sometime we feel these energies of love frequency and then we have the feeling as though we have to leave to feel this much love. It may feel as death – though now you can stay in the physical bodies and feel this much love frequency in our subtle more etheric bodies.

We can live with so much more space and openness within the body. We may ask how is this possible? – and yet now we can EXIST in higher love frequencies. We just need to apply some new living arrangements in how we relate with our surroundings of openness subtlety and gentleness. We have access to both.

Within her flower bodies there is a huge container of colour – its made up of lots of subtle layers – from a distance it looks as a huge bowl as a head of pink white or magenta. Her stem, or column is quite firm to hold this type of head – as the head is light – it is not so much heavy – its more light so can hold the head in balance
Our head feels as if it has been expanded – wondering how can you fit more blossoming blooming expansion and colour – how will it all fit in? – and yet in the next moment it connects with the base of the spine and it all fits in alignment. The heart is connected to the belly – and is out of survival – holding a connection to the two areas – so they feel more connected in a spiral to the heart and the base area becomes more inter connected and in synchrony with each other.

Holding our hands on ours heart and lower belly feels so calming. Then we can receive more guidance from within – through the third eye it can allow in more white light – which fills our body with more light to contain the subtle layers within the body – the gentleness – and a feeling of worthiness comes forward – so we feel loved and worthy of this light.

New areas of geometry are opening up to assist with these even more subtle layers of light colour sound and texture, featured during a Christos Hybrid Workshop.
Breathing helps us also to feel more encompassing within the breath – our rib cage and torso holds the breath to contain and circulate the sound within the physical body. When singing from the base of our belly our breath helps to support the sound. Our whole body can naturally feel more supported as if they are extensions of the heart in loving harmony and in radiant light colour

We can feel an expansion of the heart – and there is so much movement – connecting the base with the heart feels so comforting – all collaborate together with the expansion process of the heart space
Peonie is not revealed as a young child. She feels as though a wiser more mature child – more experienced though she can relate to her inner child
A little girl came from within the flower – she sleeps within the petals – they feel as if they are soft blankets – a feeling of being able to stay more within your self – being less affected by other frequencies around you

We are able to stay in a soft place within our selves and be less affected by other frequencies which resonate in different fields. During this process we also tuned into Sharon McCormick from the Hybrid children Community. She gives me a feeling that she holds even more layers of light – to feel and expand with – Her other Multi D selves reveal a beautiful white head with sparkling eyes. This connects us with the Antarians – an ephemeral energy – bringing forward our pussy cat other realms selves. Picture from Alessandra Giolio

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