A series of synchronicities brought me to one of the beautiful place of this Telosian Community near Mount Shasta California. In the special energies around this sacred lands amplified by the beautiful and loving people I found a lot of darkness which still lived within. I experienced the space to let it go and to stand in the light. I found new inspiration and energy in this beautiful place. As I understood from their vision. This is pretty much what Telosian Community aims for.



At the time of my stay at Telosia  I was only 16 years old. This trip was my first eye opener to the world around us and it also for the first time made me think differently about what steps you can take in life. The first step to finding what you want to do in life is to be in an environment that doesn’t judge you for who you are and at Telosia I experienced that for the first time. Not because my parents didn’t let me do what I want but because there will always be a bias with people that are very close to you. I Went to Mount Shasta for 3 months and build a Tiny House on wheels for them. This experience was so extraordinary that a few months later I started a business building Tiny Houses in Belgium, only to find out that my dream was to move to the USA and that’s what I’m doing now. So just this one event in my life, these 3 months had an enormous impact on my further journey. Keep following your dream everyone and allow yourself to take a break from your current life to find out who you really are. 🙂


My time at Telosia was very precious and dear to my heart. It felt like I was in an fast velocity train working through my old patterning’s on a very deep layer. I had the chance to take responsibility for who I am, in every aspect of myself. All of me was being welcomed and I got to know parts of myself who earlier in my life didn’t receive much disclosure and enlightenment. It was a challenge to experience my freedom as I noticed that I was the one who restricted myself. I have discovered and opened up to more of myself in a surrounding of love and encouragement.

I absolutely loved our community sharing and the connection I could experience with every single person.


My goal for Telosia was to get to know myself better and to allow more of my sensitivity to myself and to the people who surround me. We had many, many conversations and sharings on Telosia and by this experience, I am also having other conversations with myself.

I allow more to trust my intuition and my feeling states and now I am able to listen better to myself. To my surprise this means that I feel the longing for being more social than I used to do. The difference is that I enjoy it now and not because I oblige myself to do it. This also accounts for my work. My stay has fuelled my engine and my passion for my work as a carpenter and I notice all of this is slowly integrating as a sustainable transition of who I am.


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