A Multi Dimensional communication

with Elaine von Nuding, Joanne van Wijgerden a 2 year old boy called James and his mother, Paula.

Elaine: ‘Having been the founder of a childrens day care centre for 12 years where numerous 24/7 encounters took place with young children telepathically. My dream was always to combine a knowing of being a Multi D being alongside a young child in telepathic union with members of their physical family. In many visions and other realms and realities we are shown assisting in exchanges and encounters as a bridge between children and their mothers fathers, siblings and guardians who are ready with an open heart to share more of who their child and them selves really are. This can take place in star family constellations programs through communicating telepathically with all of our other Multi D selves.Last week felt as though a real breakthrough occurred as Joanne van Wijgerden and I, were able to bring forward such an encounter with a mother and a two year old called James. As he entered the house, in the arms of his mother he was naturally very nervous. Especially when his mother left the room just for a moment and he was left in the room with two, albeit loving females – who his 2 year old body had not yet met before in the physical.His mom soon returned and in this short space we noticed he was very interested in some small furry animals on a shelf in the room. Together we brought the friendly animals into the middle of the room  and arranged them playfully on the rug. Quickly he felt more calm and reassured. He picked some of them up and began playing and talking with them watching us and his mom all the time to see our reaction. Just checking us out with his furry friends as a bridge for safety and comfort.’

Whilst Joanne spoke with his mother I brought in some art crayons feathers and sparkly motifs and then Joanne brought out a large roll of drawing paper and then James became even more interested. He changed his focus to being excited about the colours of the feathers, the chalks and the crayons. He became much more confident and even began throwing the furry toys, especially the monkey into the air, in bursts of joy and playfulness.

His mother then began to give us some of the history of James and their family. James gave her glances and looks of agreement all the time whilst playing. He became more familiar with our voices and exchanges of conversation. After a short while he regularly nodded his head – agreeing with some of the information we were sharing. AS though saying, “Yes, finally someone knows about being a multidimensional being in a physical body” He then began to show me pictures telepathically, about some of his other Multi D selves. He showed me the “Bird People” and other indigenous tribes where he is a member of those families. So, i pulled out all the coloured feathers and layed them on the paper in a circle. James showed me he was from a red tribe (which he showed as native american) and that he really wanted to integrate them with the other coloured tribes. Two circles of coloured feathers were formed with a bridge going from one circle to the other. Again he would look at me and his mother and nod his head. Once he knew we were on the right telepathic wave length he then showed me symbols which i drew on the paper along with light language. Joanne continued to explain information to his mother, whilst i engaged with James, as Joanne is also in telepathic and empathic union with me, whist she is speaking and sharing.

As his confidence grew, he showed us many other lives through pictures and drawings in colour and symbols. He then exchanged packets or bursts of energy which we could then translate. For instance he showed us clairvoyantly that he jumps about in the potentials of time zones -so can project forward and see himself as a 9 or 22 year old. He bases the projection on the probabilities of what is happening to him now. So if he expands more or his family become more multidimensionally aware that changes his future and their potentials or reality in the future. As we explained this to his mother, James began jumping and laughing in agreement and confirming to us that we understand. He clapped his hands in joy that we understood his telepathic messages.

He then asked me to enter into the system of his mother, so we asked her permission. The next unfoldment needed a deeper telepathic union with James so I began collaborating with both James and the field of his mother. Due to our prior experiences in workshops and experiences, Joanne and I are highly telepathic which means we can transmit information through knowing whilst in these other layers or dimensions where earth language is not present. Once of us can enter a deeper layer of telepathy where we are unable to speak and the other can translate this information verbally and with knowing references to the actions or sounds being presented.

James showed me through the spinal column of his mother, which we could open up in a loving way, the other aspects of their lives together as family. She is Mama K and his is Mama B. He immediately confirmed this through his own actions and repeated the words over and over – and then sitting on her lap – getting up and then pointing at her and himself to show us they have been mother to each other in other lives. Again so happy with this – he clapped his hands and became so excited. I could then feel the light, star language they have spoken to each other and once I engaged in this language he came up to me and spoke to me also in this language. His mother also then began to speak this light language, which she had not remembered before.

Again, James telepathically confirming – finally someone understand me. This exchange went on in various ways with movements, sounds and light language – and again he kept showing us the colours of the crayons. He also loved the sparkly motifs and one by one we took all of them out of their containers together – arranging them in the pictures. Whilst in union with him, Joanne was able to explain many of the actions taking place from James. He felt so confident now that he had found a family, group, pod or collective where he could share his multidimensionality in its various communication forms.

James also made it clear again, which other star children have also communicated, he is still a 2 year old. It is important for him to live through this earth age experience. Clearly for him his other Multi D selves was so relieved to be able share more about who is really is, through his own telepathic abilities and show this so clearly to his mother. He really wanted this to be clarified to her. He shared that she too is multidimensional and that he is far more aware of what is happening around him both physically and in the other realms. More than you would expect of just a 2 year old who is yet in the early stages of speaking an earth language.

Near the end of the exchange he tele-pathed that it was almost enough now for him and his mother. He knows that all of this revealing of selves would need to be integrated and he showed us in several ways he was becoming tired. Just before we finished he also showed me pictures telepathically of oranges which when peeled released a toxic gas which tasted horrible and he shared were disgusting (visually). We asked his mother if he likes oranges, and she replied he really dislikes them. Also he doesn’t eat too much citrus fruit. He then asked me, to ask her, about the orchards nearby their home. She confirmed, they live in a rural area. Again he asked through telepathic energy. “Do they spray the crops or fruit?”  She replied they did this regularly. James looked on to our conversation in a very sad face – as he currently has a severe eczema on his skin. We all felt he was showing us that when they spray the fruit with pesticides, the fruit tastes horrible, and that his skin is very sensitive to this type of activity.

James then repeated very good, very good, (mooi) and then started waving and lying down asking his mom for his milk. After his milk he got up and started to walk out of the room and down the corridor towards the door. We all agreed the meeting was concluded. Incredibly he showed us all so much in just over 2 hours. We could hardly believe how long he had remained focussed and engaged in the whole process and interaction.

As he left the house, he was confident and did not appear to need the hand of his mom as he could clearly walk with more confidence in himself as a Multi D 2 year old. Such an difference from the shy boy who arrived and needed his mother to pick him up and carry him into the house.

We all felt this is such a breakthrough to receive so much intensive telepathic union with such a young boy, who spoke very few words, yet who clearly wished to communicate in his multi dimensional state. He also wished to confirm to his mother that all her previous thoughts about his communications were true. He is so much more than a just a 2 year child, though he is this as well. This gave so much reassurance and confirmation to his mother and to himself.

We all felt so full of joy that this exchange took place in a loving pure way in so much integrity and respect for everyone present.

Elaine: ‘For me personally, A DREAM COME TRUE. These telepathic exchanges took place for over 10 years with children in my Childrens Centre. In all this time the presence of the child parent or guardian was not in open synchrony with a Multi D reality. This eventually created the decision to close the school in 2012 and seek a closer union with the a multi dimensional Family Constellation program.’

2014 is certainly a year of new beginnings and following 3 years of intensive workshops and cocreation with Joanne van Wijgerden of the Liquid Light Frequencies and facilitators of Healing Arts in collaboration with Star Global Family we are now more able to share the reality of being a Multi D being with even our very young children. Our other youngsters are equally conscious of who they are too as Multi D beings and this program has been more active over the last few years.

This exchange with a 2 year old felt as a huge breakthrough it is a though we moved a mountain in the holographic fields and in the physical realities. So much more feels possible now in our communication and exchanges with our children as a Multi D family collective.


Thank you to everyone who says YES to this experience. And thank you to our hybrid children who assist us in the spheres and are telepathically bridging these other realms with our physical children and family members.


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