Telosia in Mount Shasta

We were guided to buy our Sanctuary Telosia in August 2014. The sanctuary is on 26 acres of pristine nature with the Mount Shasta river and several other creeks running through it. We immediately recognised the sacredness of the land. It brings you in close encounter with Telos and the Telosian children who love to come and visit us. The birds fly freely from inner earth to outer earth and bring us the messages from our other selves living in Agartha.

In these three years a number of young adults have lived with us to co-create and expand the beauty of the place.
Ardjan Vermue and Louis de Keyser have built our tiny house.

Sharing Telosia

Telosia is a place we love to share. So Telosia is for rent throughout the year. We have three separate rooms you can rent or the house by itself. The way we live our budget asks us to cover the costs of the maintenance of the house by renting it out on a basis of co-living. So we like that people can feel at home and share their contribution to the place. We ask the Universe for like-minded people who recgonise the value of Telosia and who are looking for a sacred space. Here are the links for our house or a room. We invite you to be in touch with us through our facebook page