The Frequency Mary-bell Rose

Mary-bell-Rose gives you the courage to be a whistle-blower for the new time, and take new pathways. She assists you to be persisting when necessary and yet carry a deep love ability. This assists you to open up to your fuller “light body” so that the full shape of your light geometry can change in your system. That’s actually what the chanting of the bell reflects as well. This fluid sound and liquid light expression generates more space to incorporate more of other selves from the very subtle realms from the cosmos. Our child awakens and can re-birth in the more subtle petals of our own divine mother arms. She shows us a new way of encompassing Mother Love frequency, which is very unconditional and leaves all the space anyone needs to grow and expand.

She is playful, open minded and assists us in communicating with our other selves who are still in a lower love frequency. She opens up new communication highways between the layers of our other selves. In this way she is able to nurture them with this more encompassing open love frequency. She generates these frequencies within us and represents a more loving compassionate frequency. She is nurturing, permeating and highly unconditional. Encompassing ALL.

As this new frequency enters into our blood stream and lower bodies it may make us tremble and create body shakes. By allowing sound to permeate throughout the body as this energy fields come in, these new frequencies are allowed to birth within your system. This rebirth is actually taking place within the feelings which are generated of loving compassion within your selves. Mary-bell-Rose is assisting us to realise on many layers that we do not need to leave the body or planet to rewrite and birth the new child within us. We can nurture the part of us who is a more expanded mother to this new higher frequency child. We become mother and guardian to our own child. Now is the time for us to give our inner child the loving compassion we have been searching for through the waters of our cellular structure as The Great Bell Chant invites us to experience.

We can now invite even more of ourselves to explore these new territories within. All is possible now. Mary-bell-Rose holds our hand in loving support and assistance to make these new steps of exploration. These new discoveries can all take place within this new bonding in a Mother and Child state of re-union.

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You can purchase the bottle. The Hybrid Children Frequencies are also available as a set.