The Frequency Peonie

Peonie assists us by showing us her creational ability for holding space within a radiance of light and colour. She shows us the metaphor that even as we enter into life experience as a small bud, we are able to open up creational fields , for her they are like petals, around our bodies which reveals a vast and huge connectivity with inter-dimensional fields. These fields hold a gentle fragile fragrance which when they enter our sensory systems we can then continue into invisible realms. When looking and exploring from the inside we can notice even deeper layers of colour which become even more subtle. These layers are infused with white lights of pink purple and ivory white with the golden yellow
heart space revealing a new feeling living vibrancy. She conveys to us that our whole bodies are a moving, living breathing frequency of sound and light, as each petal and leaf for her is never static. Constantly in motion.

During the creation of the frequency we were given intuitively to view the film “EPIC” where the garden and forest is a Flower Kingdom. Within this Kingdom are the Queen of the Buds, Elf and Flower people. This film also assists us to make more connection with the harmonics of where nature regenerates itself within light and colour radiance.

Peonie flows gently and smoothly with waves of colour. As you tune into these pulses and waves if may feel as though having motion sickness – as though space is not what we may have thought of as space. Again she reveals everything living as an expression of life, which is constantly moving and pulsing. When you look into space you have a perception of space being static. Yet from the realms with Peonie we can feel and reach in from another dimension. In this place and space it is constantly pulsing, not static. Always moving

She carries a field which flows gently and smoothly with waves of colour. One of her dearest features is showing us ways to keep us more stable within a subtle state with the body.  Her senses have a fluidity and fragility in collaboration with the leaves gives such a subtle balance within the physicality. We are adjusting to these subtle frequencies. And yet it is all really soothing – a paradox – a place and space where the temperature can also keep you feeling cool. Peonie is assisting us for being out of structure and being out of our mind – and in more space.

She has a colour intensity, and vibrancy which emits a calm gentleness. She has layers of beauty and reflects our ability to live by being in the moment, as in our gardens when they flower it is for a short time. In other realms she lives in a consistency of being more in the NOW. When she appears in our energy field through our senses and third eye, Peonie can come out in large bursts of colour for what appears a short time – with a high a radiance of colour. Our skin can be affected in its colour pigment. This can assist us to feel more soft in a rejuvenating way. She is showing us how it can be easier to take in colour into our skin. Each fold within her soft inter-dimensional colour spectrum has a different propensity for doing this.

Peonie reveals how she enjoys being near water and fluidity. Here, her colours are accented through the water being close by. She loves to assist the growth and transformation of other flowers or beings in her fields.

Peonie feels to have a very large container-ship. She can extend her torus area and can assist in extending our torus field. Again she is showing us ways we can extend beyond our current torus fields in new ways. She creates a lot of space from the inside. As this deepens her external features and radiance comes through on the outside.

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