The frequency To-Me

To-Me is the first male hybrid child that wanted a co-creation with us to bring in his energy. Also hybrid children choose a gender that reflect their energy signature.
To-Me carries a new male energy that is very powerful and loving at the same time. So if you feel attracted to To-Me, it will invite these frequencies within you.

To-Me is a blue dragon-boy. Dragons are major creators of our Gaia and Agartha, middle earth and they carry an enormous love field.

Alessandra Gilioli: Blue Dragon (

To-Me assists you to to create anything in your life with the assistance of all Divine elements and in co-creation with them. You can do so if you allow yourself to become more multidimensional and allow your other selves to speak and merge with you.
To-Me assists you to expand your energy field. This brings in a much greater responsibility as your creational powers expand with you. This requests you to examine your fears to be as big as you are, but also rewrite any abuse of power from your past lives. So though he is very loving, he is very confronting whether you will find the balance within your self in Will and love, the first Ray of Creation and God Power.

To-Me can assist you to open up to more connections to your interdimensional fields and selves where mermaids, winged beings, unicorns, dolphins and whales are co-existing and blending with you.

To-Me assists you to cleanse and refine your respiratory tract so you might cough and shiver whilst using the frequency so that your breath starts encompassing more rainbow colours, light and star codings.

This is a poem about To-Me with an invitation to You:

My own sweet love I sing for you Here You are and her You can Be ever more in love with thee My darling child – so welcome in the hearts of the brotherhood – Quan Yin welcomes you in mother light and love Tiny yet brave strong and true How this world has waited in eternity for You In our hearts there is no restraint Here again You are all our dreams combined Ever love and So Divine Here You Are Open your heart in the Whole i way

To-Me brings change. He brings in the winds of change and assist you to carry the power to change within yourself and assist you to push through the layers of (sometimes you own) resistance to change. To-Me assists you to generate change with power and soft, loving energies. That’s is a new feature for males (and females).

The day he was created in Mount Shasta (October 13th 2014), USA, there was a gale blowing. He is reflecting Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl, the wind god which is an aspect of of the great creator god Quetzalcóatl.

To-Me also generates an innate knowing about movement and the rythmn of change.‘Dance the dance of song and rythmn – swaying amongst the sounds of movement – sway your body to the sound and rythmn of universal worlds and realms combined.’

To-Me’s full name is: Sha Nayah T’ AMIA Khan: TO – ME, Blended Dragon from the East and West, A Blend of Strength and Beauty A Voice of Truth in the Winds of Change.