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The birthing of the Hybrid Frequency TO-ME co created the 13th October 2014 in Mount Shasta–  Weather Conditions extremely windy, up to 55 mph through the trees Card chosen from the deck is: Dance of Creation ‘The Emergence of all Divine Elements in perfect harmony make up the dance of Creation, From angelic sky realms to the center of the earth All is working with you at all times

Ask and you will receive support CREATE!! ‘

Joe Maccer: Spirit of the Universe

Sounds of the Golden crystal bowl and the Grandmother Bowl. Calling in the Grandma energy who knows the UNITY in all things. Also sounding and calling in Master frequencies of assistance from the Brotherhood Sanat Kumara,Jeshua, St Germaine Kuthumi Crystals include: Lemurian, the Pleiadian Skull ‘Shenaya’, St Germaine Vogel crystal, calling in Master frequencies of assistance of CHI-U from our Eastern Etheric Star Family Hey u la le lu my lanka li leu Le – U Li – La Li Lan u ME Le – U Li Ka Hi Lan Le U San- Lei Ki an Le i La HO Li i an Lei La HO

Call upon the presence of ADAMUS and the Galactic Brotherhood:

La-i Han Lu Hi Lu – i An Lu – Hi  Adama We call upon Brother Lanto Ke io Mi HI O My Oh AIO We also call in all the Hybrid energies, children we already Co created to Balance and assist this new Hybrid coming in and through Ke AR – Ki O My e Che are – u I |Ma AE Jes – U R OH Yo KU ME Yo Cho Mu Kai E Se Su Le R Mae I Ha Lanta O   Yo Cho Mu Kai E Sae He O MAe I Ma a He La EI E Shai O Sae U R Se U R OH Sae U R KAe Sho No MAe i R U Su LA Kame ui sen U Ki Ka MI Sei U a KI We Welcome you to Be U Brother Ki Hey U Shar U Kei U R Shu Ar Kei – U La – Ma EI De Ju A dan e Dan Dee Do Su LA Na LEI Kei – I LAn U   Tsu Su Li from Arcturus Tsu Su Li Ki A MA Li YA OO YE OO AA Ku HA CHI A Chu KA HI AA Chi Chi SEE SEE NOW KA Ri HO Ha Y Ka O Ho HA CHI HA KO Ha CHI AA TE TERRA KI KEE LO KI KO RI O RI O SEE SI O BE CHEM SIO

A  Blending of many Star Lineages: Dolphins and Whales – spouting and blowing their energies into the inter dimensional fields, Mermaids and Ke E ORA OO KOO LI OO ZZZ –, Insectoids and Mermaids all co-existing in the blending. Butterflies and winged Beings all called forward    JEZ U AR SU LA NI SU AA LU KA LI SU KAI U IU a blending in the spheres – within a changing of the winds – all blown through – the respiratory tract – a cleansing and refining of the BREATH shine your brightest stars anew in colours of the rainbow hue – full of light shining bright – all of this and more is YOU My own sweet love I sing for you Here You are and her You can Be ever more in love with thee My darling child – so welcome in the hearts of the brotherhood – Quan Yin welcomes you in mother light and love Tiny yet brave strong and true How this world has waited in eternity for You In our hearts there is no restraint Here again You are all our dreams combined Ever love and So Divine Here You Are Open your heart in the Whole i way  Blended in the anchoring of the Hathors sounds and light Calling the BELL – of arrival of the new born King See the swans before you Greet Shine your Light to All you Meet Du dee di dar te da ti dar Dance the dance of song and rythmn – swaying amongst the sounds of movement – sway your body to the sound and rythmn of universal worlds and realms combined.  SU LAR KI AR La Iia KU SE-RA SE-RA – OO LA – JERA SE-RA LA – JERA LA TA LEI SE-Ra – LA EIO Se- RA TERRA LAI EO SE-Ra – LA EIO JEZU Aramaic Se La EI U KAi A NI SEI UU LA SHE ZU TE KEN SI KHO MAN SHE TA OU LIS SE AN SHA LEI IN TERRA SO COMM E TERR an SI Kh ORAN TO KOU LA He brings in the winds of change He brings in the wings of change KO KO KO Se SO NO Fe Lines – Star Language  To-Me speaks many languages, he is an Ambassador of the Alliance in the Galaxies, often on the edge of Free Will – Blending in Union with Universal Life Force in Co Creation with Earth.

Loud Sounds – a truly Ca cophanous – An extended expressive Voice Entrance of Sound Energy Bursting with Colours and Light Laughing evolves from our different selves.  Hear we are coming REI U UR OWE OO: Lions and Felines combined SEI AN DRI CO Pa TERRA: Dolphins and Cetaceans KHAN I MAIO PER SE Hey SU The intense energies make us shiver ES IS SU Tu Na MO RE NU Whistle blowing the wind  Ti NA MU RA UA KAI E Tu Tan Ka Man AE U TuT Kan U Mea RA IN U Tu Tan Mur E TU – UU TAN KHA E U TU – TE U Low Note Sounds – shivering – coughing – Gold Bowl sounds Ti TAI NIUM TU TAN KA MEN A Young Pharaoh – King TU Le – TAI U LI TO – ME – TAI OO RE I OH ME AN KAI E TOOO- ME TU TU TU TU TE TE TE TE Hai CHI CHA I MOn IN CHOI A KI CHOi AN CHI A KA BOY ON YA A Tu ME TO – ME TO – ME O YA MA – TOO KE AH TO MAI E LO TAN KO LEI TANK KO LEI TO KA NEI LA TO KAHAN – HA LEI TO KHAN NE LA Son of God Breather of Fire Dragon  Dragon from Inner Earth: Alessandra Gilioli

Jackie Morris: Blue dragon

Behold Sha Nayah T’ AMIA Khan: TO – ME Blended Dragon from the East and West Tears of Joy and the oncoming birth of a baby Boy in the Whistling of the Winds He has the ability to push through the layers of resistance as in the Red Sea – creating a wall through the water With asisstance of the softer energies – so is fully contained within soft energies – so that his full force can be contained within You can call me: TO AMAIA or TO ME for short I gave it to ME and a longer signature is: Sha Nayah T’ AMIA Khan
A royal Boy Blue dragon surrounded by male energy all week – A Blend of Strength and Beauty A Voice of Truth in the Winds of Change TO-ME our latest vibrational delivery of Hybrid in holographic form To- Me Se Ha Luna