All Living Life is Sentient – a living feeling state!

Telosia is an inspiring place and space where new ideas and innovations are introduced into Family Living. We are a colourful energetic group of people with a variety of skills and passions who are currently experiencing our own shifts and changes as we co-habit with nature and all sentient beings in living together. We are constantly energized and inspired through living in a place of such natural beauty, we call Telosia. In each moment we can feel bursts of energy to connect with the land to create new opportunities for living, eating and sharing our lives with the natural habitat and animals. We know that ALL around us – reflects the consciousness of the way we are feeling and harmonically collaborating with each other. We have so much to be reminded of in the ways these things synchronize with each other.


We are now able to encounter much more consciously the expressions of our selves alongside other living systems. Animals are an amazing reflection of the ways we can respond to our other senses through smell, sounds and visions within their surroundings. Many animals, have their own spirit energy collectives who can also view and experience seeing things in pictures or holograms. This Universal language of unconditional love can make it easier to communicate or exchange the ways we understand our environment as we can both transmit information to each other in pictures.

We are all engaged in this moving living hologram movie together. This enables animals to actually read our thoughts, feelings and energy fields. For us, it can be easier to translate their inner feelings through their eyes, their body language, their energy bodies and the type of sounds they are making. We are just connecting with other types of language in its multitude of expressions. Animals reflect another version of the ways we exchange as humans. Many are protective of each other and the territory they live in, even the humans they share a space with. The more safe, nurtured and included we all feel together the more we can respond to our own inner expression of intimate feeling and being safe with our current living environment. It is a beautiful synchrony and hall of mirrors. In some form we are all reflecting each other in different habitat conditions and body forms.

Everything on the Sanctuary is invited to reflect a natural rhythm so ALL can feel included in the process. Every space has its own macro and micro eco system. And we are all invited to join in and BE a part of the journey with our selves, our own animals, wildlife, the trees, nature, the natural water elements, elementals, family and friends. Let us assume everything is listening and participating in the choices that we make to cohabit together. In our dream states and in meditation we can easily expand our physical bodies and join the natural energetic layers of vibration within the nature on the land, sentient beings and animals we co exist with. On the Telosia Sanctuary we invite everyone daily to spend some moments in a quiet reflective meditation individually and within the group. In this way our energies are always kept in synchrony and in alignment with each other as natural collaborators in nature within our current Living Experience.


Even during a creative physical moment there may be opportunities when you can feel yourself being observed by a passing squirrel or wood nymph who is equally observing you – observing them. There are many energetic boundaries which are in place within such a “bubble of compassionate coexistence” where we ALL co live and co exist together on multiple layers. When we are just focussing on the physical activity often there isnt always a conscious connection to the other worldly activity going on around you. It is not about doing the work more slowly its more about engaging with the activity more consciously.


Nature knows and understands that we are literally in these changes and shifts with our environment together. All wish to come forward and be valued and included. We are a living composition. A constantly changing story of exchange and co existence. We are both guardians of different layers of the living Earth. Through joining us on Telosia we are able to explore these areas of nature and being even more conscious of our co existence by living together side by side – in a more conscious state. We are living as new HuMans entangled with the sentience of animals, wildlife, Nature and all living beings – in collaboration with each other.

Welcome to Telosia where we explore new living as a conscious compassionate sentient being on New Earth.

Helena Serafina

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